West outpost spawner

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by doomauculas, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. I have put great effort into rebuilding the west outpost spawner... i would enjoy it if no one griefed this because you are only hurting yourself when u do TY
  2. Hey doom, which server is the west outpost you are referring to on? :)
  3. That's nice of you!:) To bad this is EMC, and it will be gone in a day. :(
  4. west outpost spawner smp1... sadly i know it will be gone... i put up a sign saying do not grief... griefers see it as "please rip apart all my works and effort please... you will be rewarded"
  5. It may seem like a thankless effort, and a few hours of wasted time, but it is greatly appreciated.
    The nicer the wilderness looks, the longer it will go between complete resets. When i find myself with an abundance of dirt from clearing out lot i like to go to wild and smoothout some areas to make it neat and traversable. :)

    Also, if you havent noticed yet, there is now a yellow box drawn around each spawner and outpost on the livemap, this is the area which can be reset at any time without notice, helping to keep the land clean and neat.
  6. you should come check it out XD i made a nice lit path all the way to the top.