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  1. I was wondering where to post actions. Also how how do you actually do an action in the forums?

  2. 1. Go to the "Community Auctions" section.
    2. Click create new thread.
    3. Create a thread according to the auction rules.
    4. ???
    5. Profit!
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  3. I'm afraid I must point out that you spelled "where" wrong. Force of habit.
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  4. Are you serious about making this thread?
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  5. Guys stop hating! Just like people did with someone who made a thread asking how to PM!

    Would you rather HELP the guy or be meanies?

    For the guy asking him how to PM at least he didn't post a thread saying unban me plox he was just asking how to PM.
  6. I was going to correct my 'were' but I don't think there is any need now... and thanks jeanzl for being one of the only people to rely positively
  7. There I officially added an h to were :p