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  1. Hello EMCers (Or however you guys called yourselves),

    I am IRuffles. I've been playing Minecraft since the Indev/Infdev-ish era. I joined EMC Friday, by the referral of a friend I met at the WoT (World of Tanks) forums; you may know him as "winscar". So yeah. I brought a couple friends as well (Chrisrob12 and Gorge350 (Co-incidentally a friend of Chrisrob12), at we live in the same general area. And I have real-life social anxiety. Yeah.

    Visit me (IRuffles): LOT 6430 (SMP3)
    Visit Chris (Chrisrob12): LOT 6429 (SMP3)
    Visit Phil (Gorge350): LOT 6518 (SMP3)

    Here's a quick overview or what I built.

    • Cobble generator (Will make it automated)
    • Wheat farm; driven by redstone lights (That little derp dirt shack).
    • Tree farm (Will make it look better, don't worry.
    • Small workstation.
    • Melon and pumpkin farm (Will make it semi-automated)
    • Sugarcane farm (Will make it automated)
    • Animal farm (Separated, Pigs & Cows/Mooshrooms/Chickens/Sheeps)
    Here's the close-up of my animal farm. I'm not sure if the staff would approve of such a ridiculous amount, and I'm sure the FIA (The Canadian (Yes I'm Canadian, eh) version of the American FDA) won't either. ಠ_ಠ

  2. Looks like you are all set with farms and gens now! Good to have you, happy you found a home for you and your friends, enjoy!
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  3. Just a question. Is the ludicrous amount of farm animals I have at the moment allowed?
  4. Not really I have seen more.Anyway WELCOME!:)
  5. You can has as much animals or villagers as your pc hangs, for the high processing systems EMC handles I belive that it's totally fine, you can even have much more ;)
  6. Your allowed to have any amount of animals :) (as long as you dont crash the server :rolleyes:) But welcome, Hope you feel at home :)
  7. Welcome my fellow Canadian!
  8. If you can eat raw beef without getting food poisoning in Minecraft, you don't need an FIA/FDA. Welcome to EMC!
  9. Welcome to EMC
  10. That's why I have cows and milk. :D