Well, this is kinda 'off time'.

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  1. Hey EMC PEOPLE!!!!

    Well i never introduced myself! so i made a little list :cool:
    • Im 11 years old
    • Im male :p
    • I like music, my favourite group: Cold Play :)
    • I am in 5th form.
    • Im brazilian
    • I live in Argentina, buenos aires.
    • I want to live in USA heck yeah.
    • Im woking on some animations 3D :D
    • I don't have a girlfriend.... yet....
    Well thats about meh :D i would post a picture but nah
  2. This explains a lot.
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  3. Like? lol
  4. Brazilian, lives in Buenos Aires, wants to live in USA. I'm guessing you're trilingual, unless you were born in Buenos Aires.
  5. yeah im trilingual
  6. Not to be offensive, but your age, favorite music group, nationality, and even thinking there was a reason for saying you don't have a girlfriend yet. It explains a lot of your posts.
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  7. Posts like "I want the marriage plugin"

    Nice, I like to think I'm bilingual myself. I know a few people who know six languages, they're pretty boss.
  8. But the marriage plugin was just for fun in real. Im not interesed in dating people...

    Off topic: wow 6 languages Boss
  9. I know, I was just providing an example.
    And yea, it's pretty boss. It's amazing when you look on their facebook wall and every single post is a different language :confused: