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  1. How do you get to well known member status? Does that status do anything?
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  2. One does not simply become a well-know Member :p But it is based on Trophy Points. I can't remember how many it takes - but look at the requirements for some of the Trophies.
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  3. I have 28 trophy points
  4. You need like a gazillon likes and posts. I had 500 posts and over 200 likes before I got it.
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  5. Then I have a loooooonng way to go
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  6. There is one like!
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  7. You need to have 100 likes to become one!
  8. 68 more likes.......
  9. I just gave you two....dont forget to post on other threads...though try to add something to the conversation and not just post to up the numbers...
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  10. Ok thanks for your likes and good advice
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  11. you need 45 trophy points total, doesnt matter which ones you get as long as it adds up to 45. :p
  12. To receive the "Well-Known Member" Status one must achieve ownership of more than 40 trophy points (As far as I am aware). To achieve this simply enjoy yourself on the forums and open yourself to the community! Be nice, happy, and joyful! Don't be afraid to voice your opinion, You'll get there!
    [Hope those likes help you out a bit :D]
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  13. I have like 160 posts and about 50 likes. and I´m a "member"
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  14. and I have 33 trophy points
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  15. How do you know the trophy points? And also some people obtain well known after a few days, like SoulPunisher seemed to
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  16. Somewhat off topic:
    There used to be a Well Trusted Member status too, right?
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  17. Only 12 more likes until I am a well known member! (Well besides the whole supporter thing lol)
  18. how many likes do you have??
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  19. so you get well-known at 90 likes? or 100?
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