Well known but cool facts

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  1. On this thread you post cool facts that you find interesting! Example is this

    " Adolf Hitler, while he was in WWI, heard a voice saying "Get out of that trench", he did so, the voice then said "Go left", he did so, he later found out a bomb blew up the trench he was in and killed everyone in it"
    " Adolf Hitler was a Austrian-Hungarian painter as a child, and was grown up under a Jewish mother"
  2. The Empire has a blog, which some people actually might not have known about.

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  3. I looked it up, and on one site it says she (Klara Hitler) was a Roman-Catholic. Who knows, there are so many different things people say about Hitler :p

    A googol is 1 with 100 zeros
    A googolplex is 1 with googol zeros (That's a lot of zeros)
    Wombat poop comes in the shape of a cube
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  4. Pssh, I bet those math people copied it off from Google.
    But did you know people with more birthdays tend to live longer? :D
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  5. Ehem, googol came first, google came second... :p
    Did you know the average man only has 1 birthday?
  6. How are they a man if they only have one birthday? :p
  7. You are only born once, the other so-called "birthdays" are simply a misunderstood annual birth anniversary.
  8. Ok then, read my original post as "People with more birth-anniversaries tend to live longer"
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  9. This guy has some great videos, but I warn everyone, there IS explicit language.

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  10. Fact #5 had me laughing so hard....
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    • The mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell.
    • There are about 50 nucleotide mutations between each generation of human.
    • Pizzarolls are delicious.
    • Tardigrades are neat.
    • Rotifers are also neat.
    • Nudibranchs look pretty cool.
    • The budgie is Melopsittacus undulatus.
    • Colleges are giving panels to high schools to turn the entire state of Nebraska into a cosmic ray collection and analysis point. intro to c.r.o.p. --> http://crop.unl.edu/
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  11. There's no such thing as a good pun.
  12. Pope Francis used to be a bouncer.