Well, it seems I will have to do a lobotomy on my brother.

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  1. He keeps walking around the house sings " I'M A CAT! I'M A KITTY CAT! MEOW MEOW MEOW! How should I go at this? Ice pick or normal? Also, what part of the brain should I do this on? How should a swing into his skull?
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  2. ice pick and butterfinger combo.

    can't go wrong with a butterfinger.
  3. Should I use the butterfingers as lube on the pick? To try to make it less painful?
  4. no. that song deserves as much pain as possible. entry is through the oculary sphincter as most lobotomies go. creativity is frontal lobe so go at it :)
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  5. Ok! I will use the butterfingers as a distraction.
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  6. Personally i prefer a hand drill on the right temple, as opposed to an impact trauma or power drill. Maybe he just needs to be asked to stop. :p

    Actually i have always enjoyed more a full bottle in front of me then a full frontal lobotomy. :)
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  7. To simple.
  8. You guys have it all wrong HUGE saw the ones 2 lumberjacks use together, to cut off the top of the head then enter brain from above
  9. well really, hand drills CAN, and probably will get messy. If you go through the oculary sphincter it's pretty much not messy at all. I mean, yeah theres blood, capillaries, and tissue - but less than there would be going through the temple. Major capilaries and vessels run through the temples, which is why they're so touchy (if you press in hard enough you'll pass out).
  10. saw wouldn't be able to cut bone easily. he'd wake up before you had his skull platelets
  11. To much work.

    Well, DR. Legit who has no licence and can barley put a band aid on straight is going to operate!
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  12. Wow, thanks for the tips on helping me get to sleep on those restless nights :p
  13. i can't seem to put a bandaid on straight either .-.
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  14. you're very welcome, sir.
    i love anatomy class :)
  15. They teach this in school?!?
  16. Time to drink a bottle of Mountain dew before I operate.
  17. yeah. I go to an Alternative School in Northern Michigan. It's a Highschool, and people here think it's school for lazy people and drop-outs. :)
  18. I'm done the operation! I haven't heard him since and he's not on EMC, or I simply killed him... :oops:
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  19. i am like sillywhitemage now,an A.I.
  20. I am a artificial life form, not a lobotomite.
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