Well... I'm 100

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  1. Today is my 100th day on EMC. I've had an amazing time so far and would just like to thank some people. I'm not doing a giveaway or party or anything since I decided to do one for EMC's birthday instead of mine so I hope you can all live with that. Anyway...

    JustinGuy: You created EMC along with your pet. Without you this place wouldn't exist so yeah... I kinda have to thank you.

    Justin's Pet Cow: You keep us all going and make the Empire what it is. It's amazing how much you do for all of us!

    The lone Senior Mod: The amount of times you've helped me with stuff is amazing, thanks so much for all of it! :D

    The Green Lanterns: The amount of time you dedicate to here is just mindblowing. It's partly because of all of you that EMC is as fun as it is.

    All of my friends here: Well, you make me so happy. There's too many of you to name but you know who all are. :)

    I can still remember joining EMC and connecting to SMP1 for the first time, wandering round town for an hour then finally deciding to claim a res and start building. I remember buying all my stuff from the overpriced shop next door and being killed by a spider on my first venture into the wild. I've had an amazing time so far, thanks everyone!
  2. And since then you've ate Maxarias, blew up Aikar, and kidnapped GameKribJim.
  3. And fed Crazy1080, must add that to my signature...

    And the command, well it's just my magical setup of the mod. Nothing fancy, just press a button and I say it, I'll probably release an edited version of my config file for it at some points, it's got all sorts of little gems in it. So in the bar thingy for it, it's just text saying: No excessive CAPS please. It causes disruption and is against EMC rules.
  4. I've only been followed by Maxarias, became an active member and managed to annoy newbies who don't read the empire guide :p I tell them to do /v open and they spam the chat with 'v open' and call me a liar.
    May I also just ask, what's the command to say stuff with the macros mod? Like how you use it to tell people to stop spamming, how do you do that?
  5. Congratulations! you should celebrate your next Stack Anniversary too!
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  6. I edited my post after you edited yours :)
  7. Lol, didn't see that :p
  8. Congrats Jacky! :)
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  9. I am 2 months older than you :p but Congratz!
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  10. Congratulations brah ;)
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  11. I thought he was 100 IRL!
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  12. I'm the oldest member in this thread? :cool:
  13. jack may I have your config for the Macro mod? I also modeled my HUD to look like yours :D.

    Oh and yesterday was my 240th day :)
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  14. Pfffffff. Only 100? I'm like 260 something.

    Youngins' these days.
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  15. In exactly 11 days I am 100! Congrats to you Jack!
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  16. Ah The days when jack would sell me a stack of cobble for 20r...
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  17. I'm 100 in February :p
  18. Haha beat you I'm 262 days old ;)
  19. I'm exactly 262 also :3
  20. augh you guys beat me by like 21 days I'm 241. Yet I have never made a big deal about age or money. Just have fun with my best bud Jack :)
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