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  1. Someone asking to be banned because they had studying to do for a class, and their request was granted by a mod. I am a self-admitted Empire minecraft addict, so if I ever needed this type of ban, say for my history final in two weeks, would you guys be reasonably able to give it to me, and not delete my awesome shop res?
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  2. Well we have two ways to protect res's from the derelict rule (10 days of being gone). One is being a supporter which exempts you from that rule as long as you're active, and two, is if you're gone, send me or another senior staff a message with how long you'll be gone past the 10 days and the reason, and we can grant some extensions to it. :)
  3. I would be happy to give you a tempban if you need someone to physically present you from playing on EMC. The ten day darelict policy would still apply, and I would recommend resetting your permissions back to default prior to your requested ban.

    You could also ask for it to be removed early by messaging the moderator who tempbanned you on the site, this may take a few hours though as they may not be online at that time :)
  4. >.< I have so much work invested in my shop! *wondering which is more important* A school I pay way too much to go to, or a shop where I earn no actual money, but just a sense of pride?

    Ah well... If I come to a decision come time study time I'll take that advice from both of you... until then... the shop is oddly more important...
  5. im suprised people asked to be temp-banned, but it makes sense if you have studying and you love EMC like me
  6. Be a diamond supporter and ask your parent to lock your computer :D
    unless u r addict enough to hack it back lol
    go study for couple of weeks and come back to see that u have earned 18k rupees :D
  7. :confused: You lucky butt. Well, I'm a junior in college, so it's a little different...