Well I never really said Hello. |Try #2|

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You are

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  1. Alrighty. I never really made a Hello thread. I made one a while back but It turned into a bunch of gifs of people screaming... (Yeah don't ask bout that :rolleyes:)
    So well. Hull0...
  2. Hullo, I am Ark_Warrior1 and Ark_Warrior2 :)
  3. Um... spam thread of spammus? lol. Hi.... again... and again.... ;3
  4. I remember you... you are that one guy, who I totally don't see on smp2, and used to have a statue with the word "model" misspelled.
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  5. Odatguy
  6. Totally not an excuse to get more posts :p Hai Der they call me Attila, NINJATTILA.
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  7. I der, they call me Brick. A BRICK THAT STRIKES.
    with swag. SWAG. and muffins. MUFFIN SWAG.
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  8. We will crush your tiny muffins with Potatoes.

  9. You were saying?
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  10. My friends, call me, jacob!
  11. OH CRAP RUN.
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  12. #swag.
  13. #sweg
  14. #thinkthey'retinynow?
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  17. Your point?
  18. If that muffin crushed a car it means it isn't fluffy.
    Fluffy muffin=good muffin
    Hard muffin=bad muffin
    Car crushing muffins=very bad muffins