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  1. Hi there everyone! Just popping a quick Hi and Hello post, being new around here and all :)
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  2. Nice to meet you cactusman, IamSaj. Welcome to EMC/Empire Minecraft.
    Don't forget about the Guide. It answers most beginner's questions about EMC. Welcome to the Community. Dropping by the forums is helpful for news, discussions, and sometimes free rupees (during promotions) so be sure to stop by at http://empireminecraft.com :) Also, it would have been better if you made posted this thread in the Introduce Yourself Forum. No worries though, you don't have to post another one.
  3. Welcome to EMC! I am The Tomato King! How did you hear about EMC?
  4. Woah, weird! And hi!:D
  5. Im not quite sure lol. I just managed to stumble across it, thought the rupee system looked cool, and check in to have a look around :D
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  6. I have moved your thread to the "Introduce Yourself" section. Glad to meet you, Cactusman, I am one of the staff members who helps keep this community strong. :)
    My job is to monitor chat, and get rid of the bad guys who spam it up, overly use caps, or swear excessively. You can help me do this by using the /report feature when needed (Don't file false reports though). We normally take action within the hour the report was filed.
    I am not able to fly, nor do I have creative mode.
    You'll find out quickly that we have a money system in this game called Rupees. This helps make the game much more interesting, and creates a fun economy for Empire Minecraft.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask me, or anyone else. This community loves to help new players. :D
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  7. Yeah what max said
  8. Oh no wonder i saw a double of this thread!:p
  9. Welcome to the Empire!