Well Hello!

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  1. hello everyone this is my first thing I have done with the forums so far!;)

    so ya this server has been my fav so far because I can do so much I would like more work to be done in the wilderness though..:D just because people don't replant trees! :D
  2. Welcome to EMC! :)
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  3. welcome bro!
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  4. Welcome to the Empire!!
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  5. thanks guys!:D I won't be on for a while because of a robotics competition so you won't see me till sunday.:(
  6. calling this community 'the empire' kinda makes us sound like the empire from star wars doesn't it? (which I have no problem with :D )
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  7. Welcome to EMC. (Better than the "Star Wars" empire ^ Psh.) Anyways, glad you're enjoying yourself. :) Good luck with the robotics competition!
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