Well guys, my time has come.(SELLING STUFF)

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Who will win the superbowl?

Seahawks 2 vote(s) 28.6%
Broncos (WOO) 5 vote(s) 71.4%
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  1. It has been a fun 652 days. I loved everything about EMC when I was a newbie to the server. Although I cannot stay any longer. Due to real life problems, I'm leaving EMC, and I'm serious about it. I'll be gone and tune in to the website though, in case there is a event. I am going to try my best to make it to the big events. Anywho, I am selling my Promos and my valuables(4 Have been slightly used). Catalog below.

    -2013 EMC Firework (2 In stock): 13k Each
    -Independence Day Firework (3 In stock): 10k Each
    -2012 EMC Firework (1 In stock): 23k
    -Haunted Head (1 In stock):8k
    -Unused Valens (1 In stock):16k
    -Used Saltar (1 In stock): 15k
    -Used Rudolph (1 In stock): 8k
    -Unused Ore Buster (1 In stock): 45k
    -Unused Holiday Pick (1 In stock): 25k
    -Barely Used Flaming Mob Launcher(1 In stock):24.5k
    -Barely Used Turkey Slicer(1 In stock): 11.5k
    -Diamond(SOLD OUT):48r Each

    I will miss everyone for the time I am gone, also, have fun with the poll! #Superbowl
    Goodbye for now everyone! IMPORTANT NOTE: PAY RIPTIDE593 FOR THE PROMOS, NOT CREEPER3846
  2. Ill buy all diamonds paid u
  4. Sorry steweh, FDNY paid before you. And you didn't even pay yet. :p
  5. Also I paid you and to see if you were on /p ur name said you have not been on for 200+ days, why is that? :p
  6. I did pay actually according to rupee history I paid 4 minutes ago.
  7. Oh... I am so sorry I forgot to mention. This account and my other two are gone. I do have an alt... is it okay if you pay this one?
  8. He probably paid your main rather than your alt? :p
  9. Yes lol
  10. Well there goes 3500r...
  11. Even though I won't get the rupees I can get a senior mod :p so anyways come to SMP1 or SMP9 for pickup?
  12. If you are leaving.. why are you selling for rupees? :confused:
  13. Money, bro. Money. If I ever come back, I have 100,000+ rupees
  14. not on atm, give me 30 mins
  15. Sorry Goodbye threads aren't allowed on Emc. If you want to sell you promo items start a thread saying [Selling] Promo items. Closing thread now
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