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  1. So I got the idea of building a village On my res (3349) I am building a village,and I thought It would be cool If people Actually lived in it. Each house has Utiliteis and game user interface items you have access to. There is also shops you can rent or buy. Each house or shop will vary in price and size. The village is in construction, but if you would like to reserve a house Do the following:

    type /Tell Endermonkey42 (or JPSeabury) And say Some thing along the lines of getting a house.
    village rules posted below
  2. well, i would, but how do we know you won't just steal all of the items out of our chests/shops?
  3. Village rules (*groan)
    1. No chopping your house down.
    2.you may buy rights for 1250r. The reason for the cost is the fact you could be a griefer
    3. If I see you or catch you griefing, you recieve a BIG FAT BAN from the residence
    4. please report any griefers you see actively griefing on the residence
    5. Please DO NOT place locks randomly,like lava or fire UNLESS it has a purpose
    6. Enjoy!
  4. If this worries you,don't buy A house. The only way I could take stuff from you is if I bought it.
  5. Plus,if your stuff is taken,I will do everything I can do to replace it.But if you took diaomnds from your chest to trick me into thinking it was stolen,that is NOT okay.
  6. Okay,we are now taking one hour today building houses and shops.Please Donate wood,cobblestone,bricks,coal,bonemeal etc.
  7. That's nott gonna end well, just saying..
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  8. great minds think alike.
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  9. I sold my first few structures :D
    The first structure belongs to max1767(a small shop
    a for Blazerocks
    a house for MrKiloWhiskey
    minermart shop
    and a farm store.
  10. Sorry I can't make any expansions now. My brother wnts me to try 1.3 and I am lost in smp2 wild :(
  11. smp2.empire.us:8880/