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  1. This forum has been created to serve as somewhat of a "What's currently hot" FAQ. Things posted here will be issues that aren't so much general questions as they will be for things that will either be fixed or looked into at some point. We have way to many topics floating around that have the same questions in them (oddly enough started by others who have already seen the answers in other similar topics) that have staff answers, but seem to be "missed" (or ignored). Therefore, I have started this to be a list of those questions and their current status, which will be updated as soon as we have more info on them.

    Any questions/topics posted that have already been answered here will be deleted, so please read through this section before making a post. This is to be sure that our forums are kept clean from 1,000 of the same questions and can be used for better things like fun Community Discussions.

    If you have a topic that HASN'T been posted/covered here, please feel free to post it. All questions/topics with an official staff answer will be locked/sticky'd until it is to be updated.
  2. haha I see what you did there.... this should be interesting
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  3. Good, we really need this. Great job ICC! :D
  4. best idea for the forums
  5. yes, before i was banned i mostly saw poeple flying so mayebe the cheat or they are staff its aliite hard to find out sometimes.
  6. All these ideas sound awesome!!!
  7. And a texture pack should be awesome thats someting i can make to for free. :D
  8. head of staff EMC.png
    kip.png the head of a staff member. post if need to improve or change.
  9. i check every 5 min for a post.
  10. If your trying to get appealed for being unbanned wrong way to do it. pm the mod you banned you
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  11. i'm not trying to get unbanned just helping. :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.