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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided I'd make Dufne mad by doing this intro! (Just kidding). So, I'm building a museum! It's called RoRo Museum Inc.! It has many sections of items and you can check them out! Do /v Bayymaxx-2 on smp1 to check it all out :)

    So, There's many sections to the museum :) Luckily, I can sort them all out and give more information on them for you guys! :D

    EMC Player Head Area:
    This is an area where we store heads and show them to people. You can buy them. Heads are 115r unless they're a staff head. (Staff heads are told at the end.) So, this is were we keep the player heads. We have many heads! Wanna donate one? Please make sure you do! But, if you're going to donate, I suggest you mail them because donation box for that has not been made! So, I suggest on mailing :)

    Don't know how to mail? Well, I'll make it easy! - /sendmail Bayymaxx Player Head(s) - smp1 museum.

    Staff Heads (Prices):
    • Krysyy = 455k
    • Aikar = 800k
    • Maxarias = 955k
    • BigDavie = 40k
    • B4DMAN5IMON = 33k
    • The_Boulder = 98k
    • chickneer = 50k
    • ItsMeMathues = 78k
    • RainbowChin = 100k
    • AlexChance = 1ok
    • Uber_qorq = 13k
    • Dreacon78 = 5k
    • JackBiggin = 10k
    • SeffyChan = 12k
    • JNightWind = 3k
    • Luckygreenbird = 20k
    • MercenaryCrow = 13k
    • BurgerKnight = 6k
    • carolmoss = 11k
    • iamcavie = 2k
    • DWmom = 15k
    • highlancer45 (LANCEY) = 15k
    • weeh = 8k
    • crystaldragon13 = 12k
    • Aphaea = 9k
    • TheDarkModRises = 10k
    • Eviltoade = 13k
    • Live2DieSlowly = 1k
    • Bardadar67 = 14k
    • ArchdukeMelon = 12k
    • Dramanya = 12k
    • Zion_Moyer = 9.5k
    • MrSocks75 = 67k
    • ElfinPineapple0 = 15k
    • AnonReturns = 14k
    • BreezyMan = 15k
    NOTICE: Staff heads are currently not available thanks to ItsMeMathues. (JK)

    Ok, now that we've explained that, let's move on....

    EMC Promos:
    This is the area were we show people promos from EMC (the I have copies of, or need to get.) Please, if you're going to donate, do the same thing you're going to do as if you were going to donate a head, thanks :). This is were I store up all the promos (some can be heads), or EMC memories people have given me.

    EMC History:
    This is all the history of EMC. We use items to represent it. Please give me some ideas and what item I should use as a memorable EMC Item :)

    Gift Shop!:
    This is were we sell some promos, or heads, or anything the was shown in the EMC museum walls. Please make sure you donate if you'd like to see your items :).

    EMC Staff:
    We do have an area for EMC staff. We tell all the staff members names. On top of every name says a caption in memorial of them. (Retired staff is on the list too).

    Event Area [Games]:
    This is were we make mini games!! We try our best to make the games as possible! We might even host events some times! Sadly, we only do FireFloor.. but we have memorials for all the other events too!! :)

    EMC News:
    This is were we give some pre-news of EMC and the website to find the EMC thread. I might also put other things too :)

    EMC Elements:
    This is were we talk about all of the things in EMC and why they're all so special. I call these elements :)

    Well, thank you so much for reading! The museum will be coming out soon!!

  2. Do you buy staff signed books?
  3. Are the prices of those staff heads listed above the prices YOU buy them for or how much you sell them to US for?
  4. no..
  5. If I read the OP right, her selling price.
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  6. Visited the museum but none of your tp pressure plates work... :p

    EDIT: Just saw at the bottom that you said it's coming out soon >_<
  7. In your thread you make it sound like you actually have all these heads and are willing to sell them. However, this is clearly not true, as nobody (to my knowledge) owns all the staff heads; for example, there are only one or two MrSocks75 heads in existence. If you are willing to sell staff heads, would you mind just listing the ones that you have so that we can accurately assess your stock?
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  8. Are you buying or selling these heads..
  9. Sounds like she's selling, though I'm not quite sure she has all the heads on her list (as said in above post). :)
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  10. Even if she does have all the heads that she mentioned, some of the heads are NOT priced to what they should be
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  11. I can confirm that this is true - she is selling, but when I asked to buy a head from her, she did not have it... And it's a rare one, so I'm not sure why it is listed as so cheap anyway! :p
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  12. BreezyMan XD?
  13. Most of them, actually. MrSocks75, B4DMAN5IMON, BigDavie, Maxarias, MercenaryCrow, AlexChance, and more. :p
  14. Not the one I asked for, but as Hash said, most of them are listed fairly cheaply for such rare heads... :p
  15. Would anyone have an idea on how much a GreenKrysyy head is? I saw 455k. But i know there are different coloredheads from Krysyy. It would be much appreciated if someone let me know and also let me know if you would like to buy one. Thanks
  16. Off topic much :D