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  1. Hey guys what's up pantherarron here!

    Me Mr IronicSwordPlay, Mad_Miner24_7 and JrsparkHD Have teamed up to make a crack team of Empire Minecraft Builders and adventurers!... that record and upload videos to youtube. :eek:

    Let's Play Playlists:cool:

    Here is my Empire minecraft playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTzUA8VL4IJqKQDwGEXBk3CeTLJAhxmnt

    Minecraft Mini-games: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTzUA8VL4IJo4YfbSaw3RVMUfvHFfXwH6

    Other Things I'm Going To Do:confused:

    I'm planning on doing a terraria let's play when 1.3 is released maybe some other cool things in the near future!

    Recording Crew:mad:

    IronicSwordPlay, JrsparkHD, Mad_Miner24_7.

    So like, comment and subscribe on my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeYZrJopb1SV2CZ7gDoxVvQ
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  2. First! Also, I'm looking forward to your terraria let's play :)
  3. Cool! Another utuber!
  4. Hey guys whats up pantherarron here! just wanted to let you all know that i upload empire minecraft every Monday and Tuesday At 7:00 BST Here is a link to today's episode!
  5. Its just minecraft mini-games and i'm not advertising any other servers.
  6. episode 16 of EMC is now live
  7. Episode 17 will be live tonight at 7:00 Bst here is the video link.
  8. Sorry for the 3 week break but there wont be another empire minecraft video for another week :(
  9. Episode 18 will be up tonight at 7:00 gmt sorry for the 4 week break but i should be back to uploading videos every Monday and Tuesday.
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  10. Episode 18 will be up tonight at 7:00 gmt
  11. Episode 20 will be up tonight at 19:00 gmt
  12. Episode 21! will be up tonight at 19:00 gmt
  13. Episode #22 will be up tonight at 19:00 gmt and me and Mr Slowkinggamer Travel to our outpost!