Welcome, to the most epic, Empire-Minecraft EVENT.

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  1. Hi guys, today, I decided to tell you about a awesome event happening! Do you wanna know who it's gonna be hosted by? Well, you're gonna have to wait till the end! So, don't just skip, that's rude. Anyways, BACK TO TOPIC! (I'm getting off subject.) Anyways, I'm going to make a thread with a very special person. Well, the person will be talking in the comments. Anyways, this is supposed to be for everyone. Wanna know what this it for? Ok, here it is, here's what this is for! Anyways, it's for my friends, who are staff, and they deserve a big thank you, like my thread, Let's give a thank! Anyways, you should check it out, it's about the staff. (Off topic again!) Anyways, Here's the link if you wanna check it out; empireminecraft.com/threads/we-should-give-a-thank.523891 (I'm sorry if it doesn't work.) Anyways, the person doing the thread with me is kryssyjane9191! Bye guys, thanks for reading!!!!
  2. So, we're waiting to find out what the event is?
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  3. Sounds like a blast. =) I'll be sure to stay tuned.
  4. I believe it's spelled Krysyyjane9191 .

    I read the current full OP, and I still do not fully understand what is happening. It went too off topic. Are we waiting for Krysyy to comment and tell us what the event is?
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  5. Is this about writing or an event ? I can move it to the event section if it's about an event.
  6. so we are all urgently waiting for Kryssy to respond...