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  1. Thanks everyone who helped with this video :) Sorry about the quality :( there is 480P though

  2. first - and nice :)
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  3. yayyyy~!
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  4. Dem glasses.
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  5. smh lmao, Very nice
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  6. lol i bought them when i was younger xP
  7. Haha awesome kells. That was really fun there!
  8. Next episode: empires economy wait its ruined....
  9. lol your not suppose to tell people the next episode ;)
  10. Your in the bathtub.

    The bathtub.

    Why, why the bathtub..
  11. its funny. leave it as is.
  12. dem glasses. guuuurrrrrllll, u b lookin fabu with dem
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  13. Thanks Olaf :p
  14. Sunglasses, bathtub....
    Looks like a true news studio to me! Good job!
  15. Extremely informative, great job! :D
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  16. It was kind of a joke cause people don't use the website enough xP this is only a intro kinda to the news of EMC :p
  17. *hasn't seen it yet*
    *already likes it*
  18. You should pick a cool topic to talk about and try to get interviews with players/staff on the topic. I know most of our staff would love to be interviewed. Especially Aikar... he loves it. He once told me story of how he only ever wished to grow up and be the best interviewee in the world. This would be a great step in a making a little boys dream come true.
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