Welcome to Summer in Australia...

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  1. Damn
    Its raining down my way :p
  2. Well it's winter with me and ATM its pouring down with rain!
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  3. At least you live in Australia :p
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  4. Welcome to Australia,
    Where you get severe thunderstorms the next day.
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  5. When we were driving up to Sydney a few weeks back I nearly passed out due to the horrible smoke which was flooding in through the air vents from the fires... Gotta love them summer fires ;)
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  6. Well Tommrrow will be one wet day for the Sydney area...
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  7. You backwards people, both in time and season. :p

    Best of luck to you, don't get hurt.
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  8. The storm did another typical Australia thing, it completely disappeared before it got anywhere major :p
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  9. I'm looking at it now
  10. And now it's raining outside...
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  11. Not for me, we had a crazy downpour this morning.
  12. Least you live in Australia :p
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