Welcome to Seaside Village!

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  1. The title says it all! Seaside Village's population and buildings have increased. We are currently still working on De-Mobbing. Greifers are not taken kindly AT ALL. Greifers will be set on fire or killed with lava. Seaside Village is a humble village that does not like to fight. We try to resist as much as we can even if provoked. We have a church, a mine, etc. Have fun!
  2. Setting someone on fire or burning them with lava will result in a ban, even if they did something to you first.
  3. Can we uh, put em in a jail? instead of killling them?
  4. You can message a moderator on the site and attach screen shots (if possible). You can also protect yourself against trouble, such as building in Town :)
  5. If somebody griefs you, I'll help you out.. Though I only found the seaside village because people were being threatened with death-by-lava...
  6. alright crazy, weve already been greifed but, seaside is better then ever now! :D were not threatning with natrual forces anymore.
  7. as Justin said it would probbaly be better to make the building itself in a residence with a outpost in the wilderness. you could make about a third of a lot with water to represent a ocean and the rest of the grass replaced with sand and houses on top of that. if you are going for a villa look you could make a moutain over looking the sea with the village on top of that and a small decortave wall surronding it
  8. May I suggest you hide your chests? This way if you ARE griefed, which is quite likely, your resources aren't stolen from you. :)
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  9. Good idea malicai! :D