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  1. This section is the one stop shop forum section for getting help on everything EMC - whether that be res resets, bug reports, or simply what special items we have here.

    In order to keep this section nice and tidy, only a few people can post new threads here. These people are AlexChance, the Staff team, and myself, as decided by IcecreamCow. If you've got a great guide, PM it to us, and we'll format it in the general way for this section and post it (crediting you, of course). If you've simply got a suggestion for a guide that you'd like someone else to write [keep it to yourself until we decide on the way we're handling these].

    We have a few tags for guides, and these are visible in front of a guide's title. These are as followed:
    • [Residence]
    • [Forum]
    • [Gameplay]
    • [Technical]
    • [General]
    • [Moderation]
    More tags will be added when needed, and can be quickly used to sort through the guides to find the ones you need. We hope that you'll find this section very useful and helpful. :)
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  2. You had some guides, maybe link all of the current guides here?
  3. They're getting moved into this section. :)
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  4. Did you start this section?
  5. We're running it.