Welcome to my Resident :D

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  1. Hello there,

    I decided to do a walk-through for my res. My resident unfortunately does not have any great attractions but I hope my walk-through can appease most of those who never visited my res.

    Here's my home. It doesn't have a lot of fancy materials, just plain wooden planks. To the right you will see my pond.

    This is a fishing pond I have made. The only grudge I have is the fact that my res is situated in a winter biome thus would freeze water making fishing a lot more difficult. I installed underground lights to prevent the ice from forming. Please excuse the excess amount of torches. It wasn't planned to be designed like that but because of what I mentioned earlier... yeah you get the point

    Here's the entrance to my underground animal farm. Occasionally, for some reason, my live stocks will be able to bypass the fences. I wish this bug can be fixed.

    Meet the live stocks. *Insert TF2 Meet the character theme*

    Lots of animals here that I have raised. I'm missing some cows and pigs. Anyone sell cows and pigs?

    Here comes to raid of the live stocks. Eeeek, run away!

    Their all addicted to my specially grown wheat which stimulates their sexual hormones. Thus the reason why I have so many animals here. Their... hungry for more >_<

    "Baaaaah" - Sheep
    Translation: "Gimme those wheat!!!"

    Here's a picture of my unfinished farm. It's got wheat growing but the infrastructure still needs to be built. You can find it behind my home.

    Here's the inside view of my wheat farm.

    Trees around the res gives travelers or visitors some nature walk. :D

    *Note* Just posting the thread now, there is more to come in about 10 mins. It's because I actually finished this several minutes ago but I pressed the back button by accident. >_<

    Aw what, I can't... grrr... I can't post more than 20 images :( everything I just typed earlier is gone. Oh well. Here's a shorter version.

    Second floor has some rooms for travelers or those who are tired to rest. There's also a second floor fireplace.

    So if your a cat owner or becoming to become a cat owner in EMC, come by my res to fish for free.

    I also have a cat IRL.

    Isn't she adorable? She's currently sleeping beside me while I type this thread.

    res info:
    address: 6882
    Server: SMP3