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  1. Thanks for clicking this post, you guys are truly amazing! So, I wanted to start this post by mentioning that I am grateful for 100 subscribers, as well as 1000 video views!

    So, my channel name is JayMondao. I do a range of videos, from Minecraft to How-To's. The release of this post date is the day I reached the 100 subscribers mark. I really enjoy recording for everyone, and soon, I will be starting an EMC Let's Play! That will involve special features yet to be announced!

    So, the main purpose of this post is to ask you all to check out my channel, and help me grow, I really appreciate it guys!

    YouTube: www.YouTube.com/JayMondaoHD
    Twitter: www.Twitter.com/JayMondao

    So, thanks for coming onto this post, and I wish you all to have a great day!


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