Welcome to Lewol Land

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  1. Welcome to Lewol Land
    I'm planning to make this into a very fun place to visit in Utopia and have fun. I'm planning to make events here, create fun activities to participate in very much like an amusement park because I don't think my entire ideas fit here but maybe they actually do... Anyways for now my planned feature are.

    Planned Features for Lewol Land:
    Roller Coaster
    (More to come as i get ideas)

    I will be updating this post every time I have built one of the planned ideas and its implemented.

    Edit: No, longer need anymore wool but I'm building the stuff and soon will open businesses :D
  2. Return from soccer game Bump.
  3. Update of Lewol Land. Walls are coming in fine, I have enough Brown wool now ^_^
  4. Wool for sale at /v 1112 - Pink Floor :)
  5. Thanks ^_^
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