Welcome Back Fund For Dead_On_Justice

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  1. I was thinking that since Dead_On_Justice has a very severe, possibly life-threatening concussion, a cool way to say welcome back when he comes back is to make donations to him. By donations, i mean like rupees, but if you trust me enough, i will have a donation chest that he will be able to access when he comes back. Leave your feedback in the comments. I will have the chest set up at 3425 on Smp2 soon.
  2. I feel really bad for him...
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  3. We all do (I hope :p) so that is why i made this.
  4. If its as serious as he says he won't return for multiple months...
  5. the more buildup of stuff for him the better. Remember, nobody has to donate to him if they don't want to. I just donated 1k and i also set up the donation chest at 3425 on smp2!
  6. I have a feeling it's not as severe as he says considering he's well enough to play on his computer
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  7. Yes.... if so.... I may think his doctors.... are.... erm....
  8. Many times Doctors say "you have been diagnosed with a concussion" because they can be sued if they are wrong, so unless you have a really confident doctor assume you have a "concussion" if you go to the doctor for it
  9. I agree with this, it's probably just what his doctor told him. If he's well enough to stare at an electronic light for even a minute without being mentally injured is enough for me to conclude that isn't that severe. Just what I'm thinking.
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  10. :D
  11. What happend? like how?
  12. He never told us
  13. Contacted several staff members and Dead_On_Justice now has one month of derelict protection, though he was online in the game not too long ago so I don't think it's very serious.
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  14. Go back to original thread. It showed a comment about this when I am not typing this. It's my 15 year old brother. I tell him to check EMC for me, and if there are messages, I tell him what to type. I got hurt in a baseball injury. I was in a game when I got a 101 MPH fastball right at the back of my head. I will need some MAJOR surgery, that I know. I don't know if it's severe enough for me to die from. It's a very big possibility for me to probably die from it.
  15. Death from concussion is incredibly uncommon/if it's your first time and you leave your head alone for a while, impossible, so you shouldn't worry about that. :)
  16. Why donate, it will not help irl but the only on minecraft...
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  17. Like I said, don't donate if you don't want to. I just thought it was a nice idea.
  18. to profit....
    I'm sorry this does sound negative but you and your brother could just be using this story to get some free rupees... and yes, most likely your brother does have a concussion and I feel sorry for him and hope he gets better!
  19. Really? you really think I would make this up?
  20. I recommend you go to bed instead of posting on the forums. Screens make it even worse.