Weird things in the Empire

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  1. Found this Dog upside down on smp8 at 17142. Needless to say, I've seen it all now….
    Post your picture of strange looking things in the Empire!
  2. He wants his belly rubbed that's all.
  3. Maybe it is begging for a Dinner Bone?
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  4. You can name any mob dinnerbone and it will be upside down.
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  5. why are you on my res
    you don't know about me
  6. or grumm
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  7. Really?
  8. Tried it on my single player world, it actually works
    Villagers.... Wow.... :confused:
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  9. wow lol
  10. It's a sign something is coming...
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  11. I'll show Bigdavie killing a 100 withers one more time... (with pandas looking really close (the weirdest... :-P))

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  12. 2013-07-28_09.57.03.png
    Well, it wasn't really talking but it was flying.. xD
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  13. I saw someone do this on a snapshot thread and couldn't resist building it in game! :p
    Now open to all on SMP 9 at 19100!
    DISCLAIMER: DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME! (it err...didn't end well)
  14. The donut. :D
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  15. Jeff had a girly Pikachu skin where Pika's face was the top of the hat.
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