weird day today

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  1. I was busy with my background behind my house when someone shows up and asked me where my hotel was(I never made one).

    Than he also said that he had a room and I was like what are you talking about?

    And 10 seconds later he left.

    Weird day today
  2. Yes that's weird ! :)
  3. The owner of the res could have made a hotel and unclaimed it and you claimed it. When that guy came over he must he must have used the res # instead of the owners name.
  4. I think it was in real life... :)
  5. It could have been....
  6. You know what I find weird? The first 2 lines I thought it was IRL
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  7. yea that got to me too
  8. lol :D

    oh and
    that residence of mine was already, lets say 2 months mine
  9. Then he must have typed in the wrong res #
  10. probally :p