Weird Day Dream

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by MissKells, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys ! so one day I was playing minecraft a few days ago but I was starting to get really tired and i started day dreaming for no apparent reason.

    So I had this dream that the moderators had this "secret" server they played on apart from the ones we play on (smp1-smp9 & utopia) and they like blew each other up and made these amazing buildings.

    When I seen the minecast of what icecreamcow did it made me think back to my dream xP it was almost similar except the secret server. It was funny and weird because hey there is a kid in all of us ^_^

    Just wanted to share that with you guys :p
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  2. ok... that wasn't random at all.
  3. Your subconsciousness wanted you to be in the "Look What ICC Did" video, haha.
  4. I am very random person hahahaha
  5. lol Maybe :p It was just weird how everything matched up
  6. I guess, maybe ur... PHSYCIC
  7. I'm not sure if this is a secret, but I think you're correct. Am I supposed to know this?
  8. maybe ur... BOTH PHSYCICS!!!!!
  9. We dont have one at all >:D
  10. comon guys my post deserved at least one like
  11. lol it would be pretty funny if they did xP Oh well it was just a dream
  12. *Dislike* Hey it is a type of a like!
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  13. We do.....
  14. wow ur REALLY nice
  15. Not Really *Reports for Cap Use*
  16. I am Really nice I appreciate it you should like my comment and follow me!
  17. Ok i dont want this thread spammed by you two. so go do it somewhere else, please
  18. only if u do the same to e... deal???
  19. Yea I am A MiniMod (Sarcasm)