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  1. I apologize for a long post:


    A friend of ours watched my kids while my wife and myself were at a funeral. When we picked them up, we found that they had been playing minecraft. I was soon inundated with requests to buy minecraft.

    My sons are 10 and 8. I also have a daughter that is 5. Even if something is ok for my 10 year old, I have to be careful since the other 2 will most likely see it, so being a semi-good father; I did research and then bought the game. Before I told my kids, I played it to make sure it was ok for them. Almost 2 straight days later, I realized I was addicted.

    Recently I looked at multi-player. After looking at several sites, Empire won me over with the commandments. They seem to be based on respect of other players...i.e. the golden rule.

    I like to farm and mine. Setting up multi-level water harvesting wheat farm is my current project and trying to create a tree fence.

    Real life:
    I work as a NOC analyst, so I tend to be on minecraft after I get home around 1:00am. If for some reason, I don't pay attention to someone; it is most likely due to my family taking some of my attention away.


    While I don't plan on breaking any rules, if I turn off chat will a mod/admin be able to inform me if I inadvertently break one?

    Are upgrades automatically billed each month?

    If not, what happens if I forget to pay again?

    If so, is there a way to upgrade without automatic billing? I live paycheck to paycheck, so sometimes I may not have the money to upgrade.
  2. Hi mate, firstly welcome to EMC servers and forum, glad you have chosen to spend your down time here with us. :)
    You certainly don't sound like the kinda guy to break rules, and I don't blame you for wanting to turn chat off, I can get overwhelming sometimes. When you turn chat off it does stop personal messages from being sent to you, even by us. But if you did happen to do something wrong, most of the time you get a 'kick', which is a disconnection by us, but there will be a message explaining why you were kicked, and you can immediately reconnect so it is just like a rap across the knuckles. :)

    As far as billing goes, when you make first payment an automatic billing is set up for that date of each month, but you can cancel your subscription immediately after paying for it in the 'upgrades' section. You will still get the month of benefits, but it will not make an automatic payment each month that way, and it will display the remaining 'supporter' time you have until another payment is needed. You can also cancel the payment manually in PayPal if you like, for piece of mind. :)

    I will be honest and advise you that while we do our absolute best to keep all bad language and any insulting and disrespectful remarks and behaviour at bay, it some times does occur, so you may wish to 'evaluate' the game yourself and decide if the risk is too great or not to allow your children to play here. We try to keep the servers monitored at all times, which has been made easier by our wonderful founder JustinGuy and his extraordinary programming abilities. But if you have the chat turned off your kids should be safer. :)

    Once again, welcome to EMC and minecraft itself, and i hope you have many years of fun. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have.
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  3. That might be a brilliant idea for Justin to look at. ~Geting PM's from a member of staff, even if your chat is turned off~

    What do others think?
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  4. I agree, this certainly would be a good thing. I don't think there has been any real need for this in the past, but as EMC grows Justin is constantly adjusting certain things to accommodate the booming population, this may be one of those things. :)
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  5. Welcome to Empire Minecraft Weileyc, I hope that you enjoy the server. Most fathers I know wouldn't approve of minecraft that I know, but you are one of the first I know of that actually plays the game, I hope that you keep enjoying it.
  6. Welcome and I hope you have a nice stay, mostly the server is clean and in my oppionion safe for children. But every once and a while just as on all servers a person spams bad words. Although on this server they are promptly banned. Also we let people slide if they say one bad word and i dont know how strict you are in your family but i would say this is a very family friendly server, at least more so then others, as long as your kids are moderatley mature