Week 49 Snapshot

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by iSmooch, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. I was browsing minecraft.net yesterday and forgot to mention this to the community.

    The week 49 snapshot is out. Dont download it yet because as it is not an official update it will not be compatible with this server, however, one notible change, Sheep eat grass and then regrow their wool after doing so. So there we go, good ol mojang actually fixes something that is a problem. its nice.

    Looks like jeb is heading in the right direction without the master notch in next to the steering wheel
  2. wow, if only they had implemented these changes when they released 1.0.0. Just a little too late for my needs :)
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  3. well while it is not an official release it does have a server counterpart, but that would virtually erase all of justins work. Which he would have to bridge over to the new version. And as it is not a full release yet, it insinuates future updates, so no reason to jump the gun. An actual update will come soon, however... >.<, these kind of *important* tweaks make bukkit developers shoot themselves in the head, because they are always like back the f-ing drawing board.
  4. I know sheep used to regrow wool by eating grass way back before Alpha... I wonder why it was removed?
  5. Really ? I don't remember this from InfDev (then again, I started 4 days before Alpha update)
  6. It was in Survival Test. If a sheep ate three grass blocks, it would regrow wool.