[Wedding] Marridge of Wild and Glasses

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Wildtim9, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. Glasses and i are getting married today at 12:00 PM CST (1 PM EST) and i would like to invite all of you! Please reply if you are coming to wedding...

    It will be at /v jtc0999-2 (Utopia) and the reception will be right next door

    If you would like to come... Please Reply Below in comments.

    Glasses and i will be glad to have you at our wedding
  2. Yes people, i know it's short notice, but it'll happen!
  3. Can jtc play wubs at the wedding? :D
  4. Lol yea VERY short notice XD.... its in 30 minutes btw
  5. I'll come, should I bring a present?
  6. Lol, i will be the calm preist at the wedding
    but be the DJ-PON3 AT THE RECEPTION!
  7. Lol... you may fight... Eldron wants to be a DJ XD
  8. Uhhh jtc? a ton of ppl are at ur church waiting on wedding XD