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  1. When navigating to the Empire Minecraft's website recently, it occasionally redirects me to somewhere I don't want to go. For example, when I use an IPad, it goes to an admin.appnext...5eqh05t4bm56 and opens my App Store. On my PC, the empire site redirects occasionally goes to a site claiming Java is old and needs an update.
    This smells like a virus. Do others have this issue or do I have a local problem?
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  2. That's either a Virus or one of the adverts redirecting you. Next time this happens, think you can say which adverts were on the page at the time?
  3. I've never had problems like this on EMC, except when I had accidentally installed a sketchy Chrome plugin.
  4. Try this:
    • Check your Chrome extensions. Chrome tells you any which are 3rd party installed (not from Chrome webstore)
    • Run a deep scan with your antivirus
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  5. I get problems like this too on my phone. However, I always have the forums open on one tab. They only occur when I have another tab open, and that's But I am still interested in finding out the cause.

    The redirects open another page that, yes, opens Google Play.