Website Maker, Will pay 7k!

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  1. Ok so I need this really bad. For my Outpost Le Edeen Dur. If you can Make a really neat Website For me to use for everyone to see. I will pay you 7,000 Rupees!
    If you Decide to help I will Pm you the Info and other things. I would Kinda Like it Like

    You can also Come to The Island. Or I will take SnapShots to use in it.
    Thank you guys soooo Much!
    ~Demon :)
  2. You might want to mention if your paying for it, if they are, or if it's like an enjin free one. ;)
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  3. If you use the Google Generator. Its All Free...
  4. Also if you are good at art you can use it for the background and also if anyone is good at making a video for it :D
  5. i can do this. i know a lot of html and javascript. already have a domain name and a hosting place or should I find that for you.
  6. Great. And I'm not really at programming or stuff so yeah. Thanks :)
  7. So, if you want something like the LLO's website, you may want to use what they used.

    You can also use some other free website builders. I've used weebly and webs before with success. Webs does have a forum app, so if you want a semi-private place to chat, I'd recommend that.

    Also, keep in mind that a domain name/hosting almost always costs money per month.

    Good luck. :).
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  8. That's what I meant, lol. All of the ones I mentioned do provide free hosting, but you have to deal with some domain after it. (ex.