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  1. So last night, I Googled "how to host a website on your own computer" for obvious reasons. I found a program called "HFS ~ HTTP File Server" and downloaded/installed it. As it was downloading, I thought: "I don't know a damn thing about HTTP, do I?" So I went to and looked up their HTTP tutorials. I guess I can work with that. But, the problem is this: when I try to access the website from my external IP address, it sends me to my router page instead of my website. Any help? For now, I'm using my Hamachi IP to connect, which works.
    P.S. Yes, I port forwarded. :p
  2. ;3 I just use
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  3. What router are you using? Most new routers require you to turn on a special setting to use the port forwarding for HTTP simply because routers have a default landing page. Give me a moment and I will find that setting on my router and show you a screenshot.

  4. I hope this helps. Cant promise it is the same on your router. The last router I had there was actually an option to make the http forwarding to work, but... I dont have that one anymore.. so this is what I have :p.
  5. Looks almost, if not, exactly like my router's port forward page, even though you have the F2500. Nice job, though, Sass. :cool:
    When I turned on my computer today, I noticed every website gave me a "DNS not responding" error. This happened also on my Windows 8 laptop when I put a static IP on it. I set it back to dynamic IP, and everything's fine. However, what I noticed peculiar was that even if I don't set a static IP, but I set which DNSes to use, it still works. I'm guessing it's a problem with Windows 8 and static IPs? But everyone I know that has Windows 8 let me try setting a static IP on their computer and it gave me no problems. I also tried Google's DNSes, and same result. I've tried multiple others, and again, the same result. Any help with this? I can provide screenshots if you need to. :)
  6. I suggest

    It's a great place to learn.

    Also, if you were to host yourself, use WAMP, which is Apache, the most used HTTP Server there is.

    I've never heard of what you mentioned, so its likely more vulnerable to get you hacked.

    But its best to not host yourself, and use a free host instead, there are thousands of them.
  7. I actually have no idea about anything windows 8...
  8. It's pretty much the same thing as 7, only, harder to rename things >.>
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  9. Whenever Aikar makes a comment about coding and the such, I don't doubt it for a second. :p

    I'll look into that. I believe I heard of that, actually...

    That was my first choice, but I could only find sites that give you a template and resources and not letting you access the actual code of the website. I'll try again, though.

    Thanks everyone (mainly ISMOOCH and Aikar, but whatevz :p) for your help and kindness! :D
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  10. What you want is a hosting partner that gives you 'FTP' access, with that you can copy any custom site files from your computer to the site. I wish I knew how I personally learned all this stuff, so I knew what direction to point you in... but I am sure you will figure it out.

    Most free hosting solutions give you FTP access, but overlay ads and things on your site, as well as giving you a subdomain rather than a top level domain.

    But good luck :).
  11. When I've been testing things, I've hosted them at It's free and fairly basic, but it gets the job done without it adding stuff like ads to your site. Includes FTP too.
  12. I found some Minecraft hosts that give FTP access, but no website hosts. :(

    I probably will eventually. I might even wake up in the middle of the night, saying, "I've got it!" or something. :p

    I could honestly care less about ads and such. :D

    I can always use a redirect site so it can be accessed faster.

    I'll check that site out. FTP access is the thing that caught my attention to your post (well, that and the fact that your post is right above the reply box. :p