We want snow!

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Do you want the town to be covered in snow?

Yes of course! 9 vote(s) 75.0%
No! I don't think we should cover the town in snow! 3 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. Hi:)
    Now when it's December month I think we should cover the whole town in snow on all servers!
    I think this would be great so I and every one else can have that special Christmas feeling here on the Empire:)
    And in the end of December or January we can remove the snow:D
  2. This would be fun but the problem is that it would take a long time with lag to cover every block in town with a layer of snow. And then when we remove it all we wouldn't know what people have used it on the lots before the snow (it would remove that as well).
  3. yeah like if they had snowblocks before the snowing then melting it all would cause a lot of lag and make people possibly angry :eek:
  4. Ok...
    But I still think it would work if it could snow:)
    If it snow but it dosen't lay down on the ground it's fine:)
    I just want it to snow on christmas eve in the empire:(
  5. It would be impossible for it to snow and not lay on the floor ._. cause snow falls to the floor and I am sorry we can't have it happen =\ maybe justin could do something but I don't know you'd have to ask him about making it a snow storm and config it to not lay on floor but I don't know so yeah lol =3
  6. Ok...
    Then there's not gonna be a really nice Christmas feeling on the Empire:(
    But the Empire still rules!:D
  7. What is you live in Australia.... And its SUMMER?
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  8. Use a client mod that makes it snow.
  9. If it's just for christmas period. then it's ok. but i don't think it should be forever.

    EDIT: if it got snow on ground. it won't be hard to remove after christmas is over. because snow and snow block have different item ID. Admin could delete just the snow layer. And those that live in snow biomes would still regenerate their lots with snow layer anyway. It won't ruin your snow-block-house.
  10. No! Not forever, just for christmas:)
    I totally agree with you nnnnmc:D
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