We think to much and feel to little... A message from Charlie Chaplin

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  1. If youve already seen it sorry but this made me think...
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  2. I like what Charlie Chaplin is saying but imo the Occupy movement is a load of crap.
  3. I'm glad the entire population wasn't brainwashed by the OWS junk.
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  4. sadly I don't get it xD I liked the video but I don't see the message if their is one xD
  5. I should have added, that I agree with the video's message being good.
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  6. If you went to OWS... Your probably still there xD I never liked that movement
  7. man every time i hear the speech still gives my chills lol, yea OWS movement >first thing pops in my head is the South Park Episode
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  8. Almost everything reminds me of a South Park episode.
  9. True Story...
  10. This is a really good video and i was touched by it. If we can stop fighting wars that the government calls "Bringing democracy around the world" When it is really about taking a religious land for ourselves (I'm talking about both sides of the war in the Middle East) Then we may be able to have peace. It doesn't have to be a movement, we don't have to protest, we as a population need to wise up and stop hating and killing each other. No other species on earth kills their own, this is wrong, and it has to stop. We don't need to riot, because that causes more violence, we don't need movements, just next time someone annoys you, try to make them a friend, don't lash out against them.
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  11. Well said good sir.