We Should Get /ptime!

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  1. Hello there, I am writing this becuase I think it would be a good idea if we got /ptime.

    If you dont know what this is, it is player time.

    The reason I want the command is becuase when I record I want it to be day. So I have to wait a full 10 minutes just to record. When I could Just have this command. Plus it only effects your time.

    Also Day is Better :p

    Put down below if you agree/disagree with getting this command
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  2. Time is a server side control that affects the entire server (it controls when it's night so monsters spawn).

    This wouldn't be possible.
  3. What About Only at the town? (Monsters cant spawn)
  4. Once again, it is a server side feature. You can't have it change per person.
  5. Oh Okay I get it now. Sorry For Being a Derp XD
  6. It's done. It's possible to alter time clientside as a visual thing only (eg: doesn't affect mod spawning).
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  7. http://www.curse.com/bukkit-plugins/minecraft/tcpack
    On that page for a bukkit plugin, it has several commands for adjusting individual player times. While the time is a server side feature for monster spawning, it is possible to change the time sent to a players client. I believe the time sent to a players client is not "used" by the server to determine mob spawns or other server functions (all of that has already been done), and thus can be changed.
  8. I stand corrected then. While it can be changed, EMC will not be implementing this feature at this time.
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