We need some famous MC players

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Should we get leptir1, sebby, and andrew online?

Yes! Bring on the funny! 6 vote(s) 75.0%
NO! this place is to serious for them. 2 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. Hey you know how i put a post about Leptir1, Sebby, and Andrew? Well, what would happen if they got on EMC? We could get a ton of new players? Post what you think, and answer the poll.
    Leptir1: Hilarious guy who is known for creating strange things and accidently lighting His and Sebby's Boat on fire in Survival Island, and for killing Sebby multiple times in any PVP server.
    Sebby: Again funny with a tendecy to work hard but mess around a lot. Can hold a grudge.
    Andrew: Funny but also the most serious of the 3, can build epic things like the others. He was originally a loner until he met Leptir and Sebby.
  2. I am not famous? :'(

    Lol j/k, sorry I don't know who these people are.
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  3. We could get the Yogi Cast. :p
  4. Ok, Justin look them up on YouTube.
    P.S. Justin you are famous, but you already play on the server, (you own it:D).
    And Sneeker, any famous MC Players are good.
  5. But i have to be online when they are on because i will be sad if they are funy while i'm not here
  6. Ok, well, they might record, they are famous Youtubers.
  7. I don't get the whole celebrity worship thing myself. I mean, if these people are cool, they're entirely welcome here for sure, but I don't see how them being well known would make them 'special guests' by any means, or why we might want them here just because they're well known.

    I don't think EMC needs that kind of promotion to be popular itself. This server has enough going for it to become quite famous without any kind of celebrity endorsement.

    Besides, I'm sure they have thier own very cool thing going on... whatever that may be. Why would we seek to pull them away from that?
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  8. Really, our goal should be to have players here who gain populatiry on their own right from this server. We have multiple people trying break the youtube barrier now, and soon, Our Nether Spleef arena will probably be more well known. If a server is popular enough, there is no need to ask "famous" players to join, we will just create our own. =)
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  9. True I just wanted to meet a famous MC player
  10. Ok everyone if you want someone famous to be on our server, you need to spam their twitter/facebook/g+/youtube/ whatever website they are on, then we will have a famous mc player be in our midst! :)
  11. Deadmau5...
  12. Um... but spam is bad...

    The only purpose it can possibly serve is to annoy and irritate people.

    If you're really bent on having someone famous come here, I would suggest writing them a nice, polite letter inviting them to come here instead. :)

    And if enough people write nice, polite, well thought-out letters to these people, maybe they'll be inclined to drop by some day.
  13. What imeant was just ask on there page to join empire minecraft, explain a few reasons why our server is good and then they will turn up :)
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