We need more slots!

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do you agree

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yes 2 vote(s) 14.3%
no 12 vote(s) 85.7%
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  1. I know that all the servers just added 15 more slots but that is not enough!I can never get on smp3 its always full except for the morning,i was thinking more of 80 slots which would let me get on at some part of the day.Who agrees?
  2. i don't, for a 80 slot server it normally cost $150+, so it is either you become a iron supporter or no Smp3 4 u
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  3. As great as 80 slots would be, the server is tired enough with just 60. Justin had to tweak every tiny little fraction of performance just to get to this point, going any further would be ludicrous.

    (Though I believe distopia.empireminecraft.com will have a cap of 80 - 100...)
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  4. lol i probably will
  5. btw check out this sever go to www.emmz.com they have 1000000 slots dont play on it but just to look its probably a hack
  6. justin already went over this, he is not adding more slots ANY more, he JUST added 15 more slots, unless you want to bug him until he bans you..... more then 60 slots would make the server lag like crazy!
  7. ivonator, if I made a server on my laptop and set the value to 9,999,999 slots, Minecraft would 'say' my server could fit that many people. If the server actually got that many people in it, my computer would explode.

    I'm sure the same can be said about Lucky Kingdom Minecraft.
  8. I believe it caps out at 2,000,000,000 something.

    But hey, at least everyone with a computer could play :D
  9. wows there are a lot of humans :l and that is a lot! of money!
  10. XD, u mad bro?

    seriously, i dont get this whole troll thing, i just wanted to say that XD