We Need More People on smp6...

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When are you going to visit smp6?

Poll closed Oct 17, 2013.
Never. 19 vote(s) 63.3%
Right now! 5 vote(s) 16.7%
In less than an hour! 1 vote(s) 3.3%
In less than 24 hours! 1 vote(s) 3.3%
In less than 48 hours. 4 vote(s) 13.3%
  1. I am from smp6, its a pretty awesome place, but we have a bit of a problem. Theres no one on to enjoy the wonders of the sixth smp! I'm on right now and there are only 2 other people. Come visit smp6 sometime. Maybe if you like it come and find a res here. Also check out 12057, I've heard it's an awesome place.
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  2. Having something that attracts people will help, such as the res you stated but you didn't say what was on it so telling us might help. I know you have two great shops there (m4nic_m1ner and silken_thread) but most people go Smp 1 for mega malls nowadays. You should follow Smp4's steps and come up with a big project (don't copy it, of course) that will attract people to 6 and you just might get more residents :)
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  3. 13288 on SMP6 was my former home on game_is_loading back when I first joined EMC. I'm actually thinking about moving back and claiming my second res on this account there.
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  4. I would be willing to make a public stone gen for smp6 if there isn't one there already
  5. I only leave my home server to shop, and SMP6 is always one of my first stops.
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  6. ^there isnt one
    grrr ninjaed
  7. I will never visit smp6. I, and most people on EMC like the community. There's no community to play with. But that doesn't mean I'm a loser. It comes across quite offensive to me that you don't like people who won't visit your server. It's plain rude. Please ask a mod to change that.

    Think that's too picky? It's how I feel.
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  8. 6 votes lol
  9. Unfortunately I don't have any spare reses... So, if someone from smp6 wants one, I would supply the blocks if they supply the res.
  10. Yes. The reason it would be losing, making you a loser, would be that you haven't even tried smp6. there is stuff there to see, like silken_thread's shop, m4nic_m1ner's shop, finch's hotel/shop/casino (which is not finished but looks cool nonetheless).
  11. According to the poll most people do not want to go there... If you make a res with something extremely cool it may draw attention to smp6
  12. The poll said the next time you are going to smp6 not have you ever gone to smp6 so people who are not going to smp6 in the next 49+ hours are losers? People may not like it buy have tried it.
  13. So what you are saying is, is that everyone who voted never has never been to smp6?
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  14. No I was addressing dj penguin.
  15. I go on smp6 sometimes :p mainly cause of my duel blaze farm
  16. That's nice. Really nice.
  17. I only go on smp6 for silken and m4nic's shops....
  18. I have changed the poll answer to no longer refer to being a loser. Please refrain from insulting people in the future.
  19. We are not forced to go to smp6, therefor don't call people losers in the first place. The last time I went to smp6 is for quartz. Moderators are already trying to find ways to get people on other servers. People in the past have complained about this, but I don't think its a huge problem. Just go to smp1/smp9! You can get great sales there.
  20. many of the people who voted that are smp6 regs (like me)