We have reached 70k Members!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by DemonThunder345, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. The time has come! We now have 70k members (Plus 5)
    This is something really cool and I can't wait till it's 80k, then 90k, then 100k!

    *Moon walks out of this thread*
  2. Awesome!
    i remember all the way back to 60k :p
  3. Great! I wonder if there would be any promos.
  4. How did you ninja me by 2 minutes. darn it .-.
  5. Taken from another thread;
    Meaning: we hit 70k total about 2 weeks ago.
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  6. Actually, Aikar has said we have over 90,000 members, and this was about a week ago, or 200 members ;P
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  7. That's on the server.
    70k+ on site.
    And closer to 100k on server actually.
  8. shh, we're secretly meant to be on 100k members...

    Taken from another thread:
  9. Give me a couple days guys. I'm sure I can whip something epic up for 70K on the forums. :)
  10. Cuz I can
  11. *coughs* Excuse me, but I believe it should be a day of /disguise *coughs*
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  12. Nooope items! The 60k promos were good :3
  13. Or possibly a pig promo because Aikar didn't code a pig head into EMC. :(
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  14. For me personally, I'd like a 'feature' rather than another item I won't use.
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  15. Nah, even if it's a set of items or just one, a bow.
    Outside of the Marlix bow, bows have been really underrepresented in promo items, its mostly been swords so far.
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  16. I fully support this. Except, make it a week. :p
  17. Hmmmmm.
    Make it a day we can get Aikar Voodoos.
  18. /d p Herobrine
    *goes to spawn* :]
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  19. Can't wait to see whT you can whip up ^_^
  20. Why don't we just get a piece of cooked chicken renamed "Chickeneers friend"
    I'm sure we all would eat it all up
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