We have angered the Spirits of SMP1

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  1. So we were derpin' n herpin' on SMP1 at 303. Someone started placing inappropriate signs and it angered the spirits. Some diamond blocks suddenly appeared in the street and when we went to investigate some of us were suddenly trapped D:. They then made furnaces to roast and eat us. After some time, we appeased them and we were suddenly freed, but then a diamond block appeared that told us to stand on it and our greatest wishes would be granted. When we did, we suddenly found ourselves falling through the spirit world. Our friends could only stand and watch as we were tortured, the spirit placing signs and blaming MissMadison.

  2. Wat res is this close to?
  3. Between 302 and 303.
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  4. Was this on the street or on the res.
  5. Street
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  6. Wow this is creepy. I hope they don't come to Smp9.
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  7. Why do I always miss the fun stuff? Is it because I'm rarely on for more than 5 minutes?
  8. Hey, maybe if we anger the gods more, they will rain sponge. *wink wink*
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  9. Panda, what have you done!??!!?