We didn't even realise...

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  1. Wow. I just got an email from You Tube, Gangnam style turned one year old just two days ago. And it's got 1.7 billion views! I thought I'd share this with you guys.

    Also, heres the video, just so you can watch it again! :D
  2. 1 year? It seems like yesterday when it came out...

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  3. and, i don't miss it one bit.
  4. I lurve this song.
  5. I remember Hayleycolgan posting it and I just got confused by the randomness of the song.

    It certainly love the song, but really, I'm sick of the song now lol

    edit: I watched it again....

  6. This song is too annoying
  7. :p You guys already know what I am going to say about it...
  8. No need to really say that. :/

    My personal opinion on the song? Epicness. ^.^
  9. Your singature goes completey good with that :p
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  10. The translated version is.....dodgy....
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  11. and i am still dancing around like and idiot to this song... things we will talk about 20 years down the road... "look at that, we called that music"... dubstep especially........What will the music in 10 years sound like????? Probably a techno like thing... or pop/rap keep getting worce.
    More of this, but this actually is catchy, and has rhythm. I wonder if more MIDI platforms wind up like the Numark orbit, have you seen that thing. It makes effects music with motion. What if you put that on a guitar, built in effects anyone? naww, that wouldn't work, you couldn't dance around like an idiot... what about just on the y axis, the higher you "star powered", the heavier the desertion, that would be cool. what if you made it so string bends effected the pan of of sound. Hmmm, use the thing on the xbox that senses motion to use you as the controller.... could you do that to a computer. Imagine minecraft...point at your tool selection or at a chest and it opens your inventory.