We Build For You

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  1. Epic Inc. is now accepting jobs to build stuff for you
    Tell us what you want built and I will estimate a price for the job
    just start a conversation with me to get started!
    To Epic Inc. Workers: I underline "I" to tell you I choose the price, because I am the owner of Epic Inc.
  2. Actually a bold I would get more attention XD
  3. doesn't this need to be in the businesses products & Services Forum?
  4. It could be on both, ive seen other posts like this on here
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  5. ok if u say so...
  6. lol, did you notice it say "Ironicswordplay123 said"
    ive been waiting to test that forever!
  7. Can I see a picture of some of your builds? If you posted pictures people may hire you. I might, but I don't know what your building skills are like.
  8. bunbunbunbnubun
  9. I haven't Built Anything yet, I just started the business
  10. I'm building A Mall on Res 3467 Smp2, Come stop by to see the progress and it might show some of my building skills.