>>>We ARE BACK!!! Cantiep45 & PaterateRick Back to EMC<<<

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by pateraterick, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Heyay!

    Ok.... Im never good at speeches.....
    That's right! Cantiep45 and I are once again playing EMC
    (Please don't ask why XD, ok..... I've got banned from 4 servers in a month).
    I am excited and also "not quite sure of myself at the same time", cause i might leave in serverals weeks.... Who knows
    Im glad that i am getting a second chance - to start fresh again, well..... not really.

    Btw, We picked up a friend to join as well: Blokk33
    and a message to secretanzeks (you are smart enough to figure out where the message is)......:
    I think you owe me a donator board XD.
  2. Welcome back, but was you banned?
  3. Nop! Not from EMC.
    I got banned from "Insert a random server name here".

    "Thou should not advertise other servers"
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  4. I see you donate 10 bucks a month now .........
  5. Nope, just 1 time 10 bucks now....
  6. i don't know you
  7. Who are you :confused:. haha jk Welcome back to the Empire
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  8. Welcome back! I missed you postin on my auctions! :)
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  9. Me too, a bit :p
  10. Welcome back! I got banned from *insert server name here* for advertising EMC on it :p
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  11. Sorry, don't think I could for at least 2 months..... I've donated all my rupees to secretanzeks.
    Unless... that you donate to me....
  12. Really! Its one time now?
  13. Nope, I stopped it after I paid one time.
  14. Patarick, Secret left :(

    But happy playing on smp2 and all :p
  15. LEFT! What Nooooooo. *Rage Face*