We all know anything is possible in EMC

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  1. Justin and staff thanks for showing us that NOTHING is impossible in this massive community, we have a ton of awesome exclusive stuff i havent seen on ANY other server ranging from the Town system to the Eggifaction which is epic! to the TEXP and even the RTS, the EMC staff has shown us anything is possible!
    So what i ask you kiddies is post some wacky ideas that could be added into EMC, it could be anything from an attraction for servers that lack one to a new game to play in town, or even something completly random like Eggifaction, dont be afraid to post There will be no hate on this thread (Constructive criticism is different though)
    Heres my ideas:
    Mob Arena, its fun and gets you some exp and prizes!
    Spleef, Come on who doesnt like spleef with prizes!
    A museum! A large museum showcasing the history of minecraft featuring displays and fun little exhibits to participate in!
    Feel free to write your ideas/give feedback towards mine

    Justin you should check out this thread every now in then, you never know :)
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  2. i want: Role-play servers.
    Like for example a battlefield server, with both client and server side mods :)
  3. Zombie Apocalypse Saturday. Every Saturday zombies spawn in the town and players have to defend themselves. If you die you don't lose your items you just spawn at main town spawn. Also no teleporting on Zombie Apocalypse Saturday.
  4. You cant take damage in town, unless you plan to have damage turned on again on saturdays
  5. Yes damage would be turned on.
  6. Okay just wanted to make sure you had thought it out
  7. I played on a server the other day where you would go into this bunker and there would be a bunch of signs with /tp locations and it would you take to a different area to play with up to 4 friends to fend of waves of zombies and there was a redstone device that would show what wave your on it was REALLY cool to bad the server sucked :/
  8. By battlefield you mean like SKS's and F2000s with some jets and a few noobs with FAMASs? hehe but a server where it had weapon plugins and such would be fun (Doubt it will happen but you never know :p )
  9. By battlefield i just mean FPS but yeah, you got the concept.
  10. It would actually be intresting on having an all out battle server firearms and explosives optional but it would be fun your team (Maybe a 100 person cap per team) gets 10 minutes to build your base then you have to defend your flag which is auto placed by the game before you build your base then you have to try capturing the enemy flag without losing yours, but heres a twist, you can grief and place blocks in the opposing team's base and you MUST build your base out of materials you gathered in that session it would be original and fun
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  11. I would love to be able to choose what painting gets put up. I just spent like 10 minutes putting paintings up and taking them back down until I got the one I wanted.
  13. if it is possible, it would be really cool. Maybe make each painting a different ID number, and then when you put up the painting it asks you what one you want and you put in that ID and that goes up?
  14. Brick Force. That is all.