Wazzup pplz XD

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  1. Hi I'm rabiesguineapig and I like cookiez I also liekz beingz an derp
  2. Are you banned?
  3. Nope but I has been
  4. Welcome back I guess.
    Try to not break the rules this time :p
  5. Oh I got unbanned a while back -_-
  6. Welcome i guess?
  7. What u wanna discuss? Wild town?
  8. It also appears that you like grammatical errors
  9. Lol yes I do cuz I'm le derp of le smp3
  10. Don't be rude chinny:p
    I kidd I kiddd.
    But hai
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  11. Ello there it is lederp talking
  12. lol, okay
    but all these posts....
    *sits down in quiet time chair*
    I think I'm good now.
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  13. It appears that you are 112 years old.
    What is it like being that old?
  14. Le derps age is unknown...
  15. Just from reading the title, I knew this would be possibly the hardest and most annoying thread to read on EMC of all time.

    Otherwise, welcome to EMC.
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  16. If you did it deliberately, you are breaking a rule in misrepresenting your age.
  17. OH NOEZ! Gotta change my profile pic now.. Thanks alot :p People will think your threads are mine now :mad:
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    • You will not misrepresent yourself as under 18 when you are over 18.
    • You will not misrepresent yourself as older than 18 when you are under 18.
    • You will not misrepresent yourself with false facts (i.e. pretending to be the oldest person to ever use the internet and use lett speak etc).
  18. Meant to put 12, pressed 1 twice-_-