Ways to make the last WEEK of Summer Count?

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  1. I think most of you guys have gone back to school so i was thinking if there were some tips you guys could give me to make the last week of summer count. To do in my area are~ go to the beach, go to the pool, make a fool out of my self at a 6-year olds playground, start learning to surf, play video games all day, go to the store, troll the popular people, make prank calls etc. what other stuff could i do to make it all count this summer went by SO fast
  2. Do something special. I rented an jetski for 200dollars an hour here in sweden 2days before school start.
    Also,Make every night special by eating lots of good food,watching good tv and eating candy or whatever.
    Also ,if you like any girl,dosent matter who,ask her out :)
  3. Its only 110 dollars an hour here that aounds REALLY fun im going whale watching 4 days before school starts so i giess ill just relax
  4. Learn to boogieboard if you haven't already... I would give my MC account to live near the beach and be able to do that. I'll probably forget how to do it by the time I get back to California. I live smack in the middle of the US...:(

    Or buy a ready-to-fly model rocket kit, some wadding, and some engines, and get instant fun. That's how I closed out my summer.
  5. I have just been playing Minecraft and W.O.Ts all week. My goal for this school year is.... getting a girlfriend. It can be the girl I talked about around two months ago, or another girl.
  6. Psssh your summer is ending and mine is about to start :D
  7. Jump out a window and hope you dont die.
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  9. I like screws :D