Ways to help out the empire.

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  1. Hey guys! Like many of you I love the empire! I want to help out. I have already been a supporter for a few months. But I want to help out more than that. I put in for moderator but I never got feedback. What are some other ways I can help out?
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  2. 1. Buy me 17 million rupees. That way you're giving the empire $500.
    2. Buy Diamond supporter for lifetime. That's $20 monthly for the servers!
    3. Vote and put "Gap542" that way you help us get higher on the page.

    I believe these 3 steps will make EMC a better place :)
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  3. Well, you can vote. :) That's the easiest way to support the Empire. You can also try to refer players to our Empire, whether by finding real-life friends who play Minecraft or by advertising on other forums such as Planet Minecraft. You could apply for the Contribution, Build, or YouTuber teams. You can help new players find their way through our servers. You can just be a friendly, respectful member of the community, of course. :) There are plenty of ways that you can help out! I'll give you some more ideas once I think of some. :) EDIT: You can thank our staff for their amazing work on the Empire. :) A simple thank you can go a loooong way. :p